Cesarean Birth with Hypnosis

Sometimes, despite our best laid plans, these babies genuinely just need to be born this way.  Any range of emotions can be triggered from fear to disappointment. Hypnosis can help.

We work on releasing fear and accepting *this* birth experience so that you can feel calm, confident & connected to your baby going into this birth.  Hypnosis has also been widely used in a pre and post - operative capacity to reduce anxiety and promote a faster & easier recovery...which goes a long way when you have a new baby to look after!

I was very nervous leading up to the planned cesarean birth of my baby (because of placenta previa). The hypnosis helped tremendously - I felt confident, reassured and much more relaxed after working with Jenn
AG, Vancouver


Research shows that using hypnosis when preparing for surgery results in faster wound healing, shorter hospital stays, less use of pain medications, less anxiety and higher overall satisfaction.

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Session Details

Minimum 3 Sessions Suggested

Initial & Establishing Session (new clients) - 1
Personalized Hypnosis Sessions - 2+


For more information on Cesarean Birth, please visit the website for the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ican-online.org)