Hypnobabies Student Events 2016

Spring BBQ - Squamish

Saturday, May 14th 2pm - 5pm

Join us for a fun afternoon at my home in the beautiful Garibaldi Highlands, BC.  We'll have the BBQ fired up and will provide your BBQ basics (burgers: veg, meat, chicken).  

We'll also have basic beverages (BYOB) & salads, snacks, etc.  Do you have a favourite salad or healthy snack?  Please feel free to bring anything that you'd like to share!  If everyone brings a small contribution (salad, snack or dessert), we can have a great feast!   


My Home
Garibaldi Highlands (Squamish), BC
* Contact me for address details *

Hope to see you then!  

RSVP - not required but appreciated so that we have at least an idea for food & beverage quantities.  Thanks!


Summer Picnic - Alice Lake

Saturday, August 27th 

10am - 1pm

I'll provide snacks like granola bars, fruit, nuts & of course water but again, if you have something you'd like to bring to enjoy as part of a picnic, please feel free!



Alice Lake, Squamish BC

I'll go early and grab a couple of picnic tables near the beach, lake and playground so there are lots of options to keep the little ones busy!