Hypno-Baby #1: Oliver Thomas

After literally teaching Hypnobabies to over 100 groups & several hundred students, I officially became a HypnoMamma myself on June 1, 2015 when I welcomed my son Oliver into the world.

Below you'll find the short version of my story. For the full details and more amazing photos by Jozi Grant Photography (don't worry, they're all PG!) click here.


Ollie's Birth

My water broke on Wednesday evening, May 27th with a dramatic gush and then nothing really happened... we patiently waited until my waves started on Friday afternoon and continued to be patient as the waves picked up...and then spaced out, then picked up again... and then spaced out. This continued all through both Friday and Saturday (a typical “posterior baby” pattern).

By Sunday, we started actively encouraging things along (acupuncture, acupressure, walking, miles circuit, rebozo-ing, hands and knees, lunges, stairs, hypnosis, verbena/castor oil ... to name a few) trying to get my “sunny-side up” baby to turn and we did get things consistently rocking!

Thanks to Hypnobabies, my husband still can't believe that I smiled pretty much throughout the entire process

After 60 hours of waves at home, 4 days after my water broke and going into my 3rd sleepless night we made an informed decision to move to the hospital where I chose a couple of interventions that were the right tools in helping me continue on the journey and have an empowering vaginal birth.

After 4 hours of pushing, my precious baby was born into his daddy's hands just as we had hoped for. The umbilical cord was also left completely alone until after the placenta was born as we had asked (even when babe needed a bit of help after he was born – everything was done calmly on my chest). Thanks to Hypnobabies, my husband still can't believe that I smiled pretty much throughout the entire process & I can honestly say I can't wait to give birth again!

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Hypno-Baby #2: Evelyn May

On July 26, 2017 I was fortunate enough to welcome another beautiful Hypno-Baby to the world! 

Again, you'll find a short version of Evie's birth below. For a detailed account, this time with amazing photos from the wonderful and talented Vairdy of Vairdy Photography, click here


Evie's Birth

After welcoming my first baby pretty much on his guess date, I was prepared this time to have our daughter choose similar timing... and boy was I wrong! As we approached the 42 week mark, my wonderful midwives were happy to continue supporting me as long as both baby & I were doing well. I had agreed to some post-dates monitoring to help assess this which began showing some indications that we might want to start encouraging our daughter to make her appearance. 

At 41 weeks & 6 days, we decided to try some natural induction techniques which were exactly the thing needed to tip the scale! I began having waves in the evening while I was out walking around with my good friend and doula although I wasn't convinced there was anything really actually happening.

During the 10 minute drive home, I had 3 waves but still wasn't convinced. I even pulled over after a bear crossed the road in front of me so that I could warn the couple up the road walking their dog! I got home at 9:30pm and as I had another wave walking in my front door, that was the first time I thought things might be starting! Within a half hour, my husband was calling our team (who all arrived fairly quickly) and the home birth set up was in full tilt! 

Our daughter was born not even 2 hours later at 11:59pm, one minute shy of 42 weeks. She was born at home, into my own hands & in the caul exactly as I had imagined it. 

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