The Home Study Advantage Session


This is a 2-3 hour session where you would meet with a certified Hypnobabies Instructor to go through any questions you may have and review the course materials as well as some of the pertinent information covered in the program. We will also review all of your Hypnobabies tools and do an in-depth birthing rehearsal using the tools, and watch some Hypnobabies birth videos. 

If you have a doula, it would be great if she could attend with you. Any other birth partners are also welcome (mom, sister, etc) so they can learn how to best support you. 


If you do decide on the Home Study program, start by letting me know! Some families like to book in a "Getting Started" type session to launch into the program (ideally booked either right before starting or during the first week of starting the course).

Another probably *favourite* option is scheduling a session once you've completed the full Home Study program - this is when we'd do a full rehearsal using all the tools, go through the birth partner's guide, etc as a way of tying everything together nicely! I'd recommend booking this one in around the 36/37 week mark, once you've completed the full self-study course.

Some people opt for one or the other, while many prefer to do both of these sessions! 



I live in Squamish and have 2 very young children so I am only offering these sessions for those who are able to come to me. I can be flexible on days/times.


My fee for this session is $100.00 (in person session only) OR, $150.00 for the HSA session as well as scheduled, weekly email support as you work through the program.