Self Study vs Live Class

Are you considering the Hypnobabies Self Study program and wondering what the differences are? Below you'll find an outline breaking down all the differences.

Main Differences: 


Group Class:
6 Weeks
Self Study:
5 Weeks


Group Class: 

  • Your questions answered by an instructor (during class and in between classes) who is is knowledgeable about childbirth and trained in hypnosis
  • More detailed information on every subject
  • Relevant Canadian clarifications and information on local hospital policies and procedures
  • Additional handouts
  • 6 Hypnobabies scripts in a booklet for use in daily Hypnobabies practice.
  • Demonstrations of all Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques
  • An instructor to help motivate you and to be accountable to from week to week
  • Connect with other mothers and couples and build new friendships
  • Enjoy the group class setting and all the fun that goes along with it
  • A Birth Rehearsal in Class # 6, which is invaluable for helping each Hypno-Mom fully understand and experience their Hypnobabies techniques in a simulated birthing scenario; complete with Birth Balls, changing positions, walking etc. The Birth Rehearsal is also great practice for the Birth Partner to use his deepening cues and other techniques that help the mom so wonderfully during labour. This helps build the confidence level of Mom and the Birth Partner tremendously.
  • Depth assessment of each student’s hypnosis levels by the Hypnobabies instructor
  • Prenatal exercise demonstration and practice
  • In-depth explanations, demonstrations and practice of the “Abdominal Lift & Tuck” to avoid back labour and to encourage a posterior baby to turn
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning explanations and demonstrations to prevent posterior presentation

Self Study:

  • Being able to start the program whenever works best for you
  • The flexibility of working through the program at your own pace
  • Budget-friendly


Additional Topics

Group Class:

  • Postpartum care for mother
  • Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding

Self Study:

  • N/A

Birth Partner Involvement

Group Class:

  • Birth partners are learning right along with you and are encouraged to be very involved in the process
  • Much of class 5 is dedicated to our wonderful birth partners so they are fully prepared to assist you on the big day
  • Couples are encouraged to work together with their hypnosis scripts as they prepare for their baby’s birth
  • All hypnosis scripts are also provided on CD or MP3
  • Suitable for single moms

Self Study:

  • It is up to the mother to include her birth partner in what she is learning and to teach him what he needs to know or direct him to what he needs to learn on his own to assist her when the time comes
  • All hypnosis scripts (except one) are provided on CD or MP3 for the mother to listen to on her own
  • Suitable for single moms